You just released a new Update, how can I get the latest version?

Modified on Fri, 15 Dec 2023 at 02:57 PM

1. From Inside the Panel (only works in Magic Touch and Magic Scape)
The panel automatically checks for updates from time to time, and it will notify you when there is a new one available to download with two red dots: one on the Settings Icon (top right corner, close to the title) and another one in the About section title, visible when you're inside the Settings Page.

If you see the red dots and open the About section you will find an "Update Available!" message and a Download Button listing the new version number right below it.

Clicking on the button will open your default browser and you should be able to download the zip file containing the update right away.

If you don't see the red dots but you know from our channels we have released a new update it means either the automatic check hasn't been done yet or the Panel isn't able to connect to our servers for some reason.

In each case, you can manually try to check from inside the same About section: you will find a message listing the last check performed and a Check For Updates button.

If you click on the button and the update is available, the area will change to display the Download button as said before. 

If the area doesn't change and the Last Check message shows only a "-" there is probably a temporary connection error with our servers... but don't worry, you can always use the second method listed here below.

2. From the Website and the Purchase Receipt (works for every panel)

If you look at the end of the original Purchase Receipt, below the area with the products included in the purchase, you will find your Payment ID and your Purchase Key.

As it's also written in the email, you can use them to get a copy of the Purchase Receipt itself with updated download links and your Serial Number.

As the download links expire after a few days for security reasons, this procedure works for getting new ones in case you need to re-download your products after some time but, as the link you get in the copy always point to the latest release, you can use it as well to download the updated version if the other method doesn't work for some reason.

You just have to get to this page: , input your Payment ID in the input field (or the Purchase Key, if you select it in the dropdown) and click on the button to send the copy to your registered email address (the one you used during the purchase).

If you have troubles retrieving the email in your inbox, please check this article about it:

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