How do I install the Plugin on my device?

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Download the installation file in .zip format from the link provided and unzip its contents to an easy-to-find place on your computer (for example, the Desktop).

You should end up with a folder with an internal structure similar to this one:

  1. A file called like the plugin with the version number, in .ccx format (for example MagicTouch 2 0.9.5.ccx)
  2. A READ BEFORE INSTALLATION folder containing the EULA in html format for the related plugin
  3. A Manual Installation folder containing the contents of the plugin in a folder with the same name

After carefully reading the contents of the EULA, you can install the plugin in two ways:

Using the Creative Cloud Application (recommended)

  1. Double-click on the provided .ccx file
  2. The Creative Cloud Application will open and ask if you want to install a non-marketplace plugin: click Install 
  3. A new pop-up will appear asking you to explicitly approve the plugin requests in terms of connection and access to the system resources: click OK (these are needed for the plugin to perform validation checks and to be able to read/write the necessary files on your device)
  4. You're done!

Performing a Manual installation

  1. Open the Manual Installation folder that is included in the .zip file
  2. Open your Photoshop 20XX folder (the number depends on the version you want to install the plugin into)
  3. Find and open the Plug-ins folder inside it
  4. Drag or Copy & Paste the folder with the plugin name that you found within the Manual Installation folder directly inside the Plug-ins folder.
  5. Restart Photoshop if it was open.

In both cases the plugin should now be installed inside Photoshop and you can access it using the Plugins Panel or the Plugins item inside Photoshop menu!

The first time you open the plugin it will ask you to input the Serial Number associated with your license.

You can find the serial number in various places during the purchase process:

  1. In the confirmation page that was shown right after the purchase completed.
  2. Inside the Purchase Receipt you received in the inbox of the email address you used during the checkout process.
  3. Inside your User Area, in the screen that appear after clicking on the details of the purchase.


  1. If you don't see the email in your inbox, please mind that the message could have been moved to a different folder, like Junk, Spam or Promotions (very likely if you use Gmail) and you can also make a search for CMP - Purchase Receipt (that's the subject of the email) coming from
  2. If you completed a purchase but you still don't have an account you can easily create one going to the register page on the website. Please remember to use the same email address you used for the purchase, or you won't be able to see the purchased products inside the User Area.

Insert the serial and click on the Check Serial button to validate your license and start using the plugin!

Of course if you have any problem with any part of this process, you can Open a Ticket with our Support and we will do our best to help you!

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